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Freeman's Wood development proposals


Satnam, the property development company which represents the landowners, are planning residential development of 'land at New Quay Road'.  This is the land commonly known as Freeman's Wood.

Proposals to build up to 250 homes on the site were presented at a 'Public Consultation' in Lancaster on 5 April.  These proposals are available to view, and to comment upon, at (go to the 'Quick Links' box in the bottom right corner, and click on 'New Quay Road, Lancaster'). 

This consultation is a first step in a process. Satnam apparently intends to submit an outline planning application to Lancaster City Council in May.  There will be  opportunities to view and comment upon that application. 

"The Friends of Coronation Field and Freeman's Wood" are encouraging people to comment on the current proposals. They intend to arrange a public meeting when the planning application is submitted. The Friends would welcome new members and can be contacted via the Secretary, Emily Heath (