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Freeman's Wood development proposals



Satnam, the property development company which represents the landowners, are planning residential development of 'land at New Quay Road'.  This is the land commonly known as Freeman's Wood.

Proposals to build up to 250 homes on the site were presented at a 'Public Consultation' in Lancaster on 5 April.  These proposals are available to view, and to comment upon, at (go to the 'Quick Links' box in the bottom right corner, and click on 'New Quay Road, Lancaster'). 

This consultation is a first step in a process. Satnam apparently intends to submit an outline planning application to Lancaster City Council in May.  There will be  opportunities to view and comment upon that application. 

"The Friends of Coronation Field and Freeman's Wood" are encouraging people to comment on the current proposals. They intend to arrange a public meeting when the planning application is submitted. The Friends would welcome new members and can be contacted via the Secretary, Emily Heath (


Layla Curtis talk


Layla Curtis talked about her work, including the "Trespass" app and Freeman's Wood, at the Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University, on Tuesday 11 October.  She took a group of students down to Freeman's Wood and they tried out the app.  Details here

Newsletter - July 2016


Activities January - July 2016

Woodland Trust


An article about "Landed (Freeman's Wood)" was published in “Leaf”, the Summer 2016 edition of a magazine published by ‘Common Ground’ and ‘The Woodland Trust’. 

"Contested Cities" Conference, Madrid


Our "Freeman's Wood" video was selected and shown in "Visualizing Contested Cities", at the international conference: “From CONTESTED_CITIES to global urban justice – critical dialogues”, in Madrid, Spain, 4-7 July.

Landscape Conference


I presented a slide show and video about "Landed (Freeman's Wood)" at the international conference: "Cultural Heritage in Landscape (CHeriScape) V: Landscape In Imagination And The Virtual Future".  14-16 June 2016, at Baltic, Gateshead/Newcastle, UK 

Land is Free


The "Land is Free" website has published an article about our "Landed (Freeman's Wood)" project.

Article in "Elsewhere: A Journal of Place"


An article about the TRESPASS app is published in Elsewhere: A Journal of Place.  You can read it here. 

Undisciplined Environments conference - Stockholm


I was pleased to give a talk about "Landed (Freeman's Wood)" at the Undisciplined Environments conference in Stockholm on 24 March.  This was the International Conference of the European Network of Political Ecology (ENTITLE).

Article in The Guardian


The Guardian has published an on-line article today about Freeman's Wood.  It is entitled "What the battle for Freeman's Wood says about the future of our common land" and was written by Bradley Garrett.   It is here.

Landscape Research


An article about Landed (Freeman's Wood) is published in the current issue of Landscape Research Extraissue no. 75

Newsletter December 2015



Over the past several months the LANDED (Freeman's Wood) project, and the three commissioned artworks, have gradually been gaining widespread acclaim from a diverse range of people.  

Contested Property Claims


I spoke about the "Landed (Freeman's Wood)" project at an academic conference entitled 'Contested Property Claims' at Aarhus University in Denmark.  This conference included people from around the globe who work in law, geography, anthropology, politics, philosophy, etc., so I learnt a lot, and had some interesting conversations.

STIR to Action


An article which I've written on the "Landed (Freeman's Wood)" project is published in the Autumn issue of STIR to Action magazine.

Art Monthly


Art Monthly - November issue covers "Landed(Freeman's Wood)" in its North West round up by Bob Dickinson. 

Bradley Garrett visit


Bradley Garrett visited Freeman's Wood with Layla Curtis and Adam Fish on Saturday 24 October.  Bradley Garrett is  a social and cultural geographer at the University of Southampton, and author of "Explore Everything: Place-Hacking the City".  Adam Fish is a social anthropologist at Lancaster University. 



We've produced a short film about the plot of land known as Freeman's Wood on the edge of Lancaster, and our project about landownership - "Landed (Freeman's Wood)"

Talk on "Landed" at sociology conference in Italy


StoreyG2 director, John Angus, gave a talk about "Landed (Freeman's Wood)" in a session entitled: "The Politics of Land", at the 2015 International Sociological Association RC21 Conference, "The Ideal City: between myth and reality", on 28 August, in Urbino, Italy.  The written paper for the conference is here.

article in a-n


Breaking down barriers: artist’s app invites public to ‘trespass’

TRESPASS app now in App Store


It has taken a few months of negotiation with Apple, but the TRESPASS app for iPhone by Layla Curtis is now available in the App Store on iTunes.  Hurray!  You can get it here. 

Luneside Studios opening and exhibition


Luneside Artists' Studios is open on Friday 5 June from 5.30-7.30pm (opposite Lancaster Castle gateway), followed by the opening of an exhibition by Studio members at The Dukes from 8.30pm. Both include a small display about our "Landed (Freeman's Wood)" project. These events are part of Lancaster Arts City First Fridays.  The exhibition runs until 28 June.

Re-thinking the Rural


Gave a talk about "Landed (Freeman's Wood)" at a seminar called "Re-Thinking the Rural", organised by In Certain Places at University of Central Lancashire on 20 May.  

Board Game in the library


A session organised by Helen Hicks for 8 people to play the Freeman's Wood game in Lancaster Library on 12 May went well.  Still struggling a bit with the rules, but it always generates amusing role play and interesting discussion. 

Talk at Lancaster University


Gave a short talk about the "Landed" project at Open15: Artist Summit  - a Live@LICA event at Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University on 8 May - as part of a session on socially engaged art.  Film of talk.