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   - an exploration of landownership through contemporary art


StoreyG2 commissioned three sets of artists to lead an investigation of the Freeman's Wood site, to research and explore land-ownership and its social effects, and to produce new art works, which would aim to raise awareness of, and stimulate thought about, these issues.  

We asked the artists to produce artworks in formats suitable for distribution on-line, rather than objects for display in a gallery, or on site. 

Layla Curtis developed an i-Phone app, entitled TRESPASS, featuring conversations about the site.

Goldin+Senneby bought a plot of land and presented estate agents' sale details, including a play script: A3 - THE PLOT.

Sans Facon created a game, "FREEMAN'S WOOD - THE GAME", which requires participants to role-play relevant stakeholders.    

These artists each have an international profile, and are experienced in working with themes of mapping, economic structures, and place-making, respectively.



StoreyG2 offered support for locally-based artists to create artworks for the project.

Catriona Stamp produced a video called 'SPECULATION'.