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Layla Curtis

Walking with the Penan

In May of 2010, artist Layla Curtis spent 4 weeks trekking in the rain forests of Borneo with the semi-nomadic Penan people – one of the last surviving hunter-gatherer tribes in South-East Asia. During her talk, Layla discussed her experiences in Borneo within the broader context of her artistic practice.

Layla Curtis' research and development trip to Borneo was supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Polar Wandering

Layla also talked about her journey from London to Antarctica, using GPS technology as a tool to create a 27,856 mile long drawing.

Layla Curtis is a British artist with a significant international profile. Extensive travel has informed much of her work, which explores the notion of borders and boundaries, both physical and metaphorical. The artist's early cartographic work, developed during a residency at the Akiyoshidai International Arts Village in Japan, has become iconic (see link at left). Layla's ongoing investigation into our sense of place and mapping utilises new technologies in extreme environments.


Auditorium at The Storey


23rd November 2010