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Adam Sutherland

Adam Sutherland is Director of Grizedale Arts, which is based in Cumbria.  Adam is particularly interested in the relationship between the urban and the rural, a subject that is especially relevant in this area.

Adam Sutherland was appointed as Director of Grizedale Arts in 1999. He was previously Director of a Scottish visual arts organisation. Under Adam’s direction Grizedale Arts has changed dramatically. With neither studios nor exhibition space, it provides artists with the opportunity to realise projects using the social, cultural and economic networks of the area and internationally.

Over the last five years Grizedale has acquired a significant reputation for pioneering new approaches to artistic production and exhibition, firmly placing rural arts at the heart of contemporary culture.


‘Talks on Art’ is part of Storey Gallery INSIDE OUT, a series of projects that will take place outside the gallery during the refurbishment of the whole building.

Venue: Borough, Dalton Square, Lancaster
Date:   20 February 2007