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David Hancock



Vivid paintings portraying youth culture, its individualism, and its issues.

David Hancock‘s paintings are portraits of young people in their own personal spaces. The sitters are surrounded by their possessions and symbols of their culture, in a space to which only a select few would normally have access. The portraits attempt to document the nature of youth culture, its individualism and its issues.  

The canvases are split into sections to give a panoramic view of the space represented. These sections are hung across or around corners of the gallery creating a three-dimensional environment so that the viewer is able to step inside the space of the painting. 

Hancock also showed his latest series of works, entitled ‘Jane Says…’  These paintings were made in collaboration with the writer Janie Doll.

David made some additions to the statue of Victoria and Albert, converting it into "Victoria's Boudoir".

20 June - 16 August 2003



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The Beautiful People - V&A