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Over the past 18 months Storey Gallery has been working with students and art teachers from four local high schools - Lancaster Central High School, Lancaster Royal Grammar School, Lancaster Girls Grammar School, and Ripley St Thomas.

The Gallery has been meeting regularly with the focus group to develop an understanding of what it can offer schools which is not normally found in the class room. This resulted in the development of This is not applicable, a project which aims to increase young people's contextual and critical understanding of contemporary art and culture.

This is not applicable uses the media which has made music and fashion so accessible to young people. A group of 18 students from across the four schools were appointed in various roles eg graphic designer, camera operator, illustrator etc, and worked collaboratively to create a short film, digital magazine and online discussion. Here is the film the students created.

The results of this project are available in various formats. By clicking on the links to the left you will be able to view the students' magazine online, see more images from the project, and check out the students' blog. If you would like to download your own version of the magazine click on the pdf icon below.