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Writing from Art

A writing workshop run by Litfest using the exhibition What happens if ... ? as stimulus.

In the sessions you will explore what the artworks mean to you, and where they lead you on your writing journey.

Thursdays 25 Feb, 5, 11, 18 and 25 March, 7-9pm

18 March will be an untutored research week in which Programme Manager, Suzy Jones, will give an informal tour of the works to deepen your knowledge of the artists and the thinking behind the exhibition.

The exhibition, What happens if ... ? is about experimentation and play. It brings together artists with long-established international reputations, alongside recent graduates. What they have in common is a mischievous curiousity about the world around us, and a do-it-yourself approach. They conduct witty low-tech experiments to uncover the enchantment hidden within everyday utilitarian objects. They play around with cause and effect, finding out what will happen if they subject familiar objects to unexpected treatments. They are speculators, investigators, sorcerers, and jokers.

Elizabeth Burns is an experienced workshop leader who has worked in adult education, community settings and as a one-to-one mentor.

For more information contact Litfest on 01524 62166 or