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Curator Maker

Recently Storey Gallery has been working with students from Ripley St Thomas and Central Lancaster High to produce alternative guides to the current exhibition Uncertainty in the City: Pests, Pets, and Prey by artists Snæbjörnsdóttir/Wilson.

In the first stage of the project 12 students attended a workshop with Glasgow based curator Patricia Fleming, during which they discussed the role of the curator and explored the artworks in the exhibition.

A subsequent workshop led by artist Rebecca Chesney focussed on different ways of navigating viewers round an exhibition and gave the students in groups the opportunity to devise their own guide.

The outcome is 4 very different approaches to the exhibition:

•A film and audio guide which can provide a virtual tour

•A large scale paper based schematic interpretation of the show with an idiosyncratic mapped tour overleaf (also available on a hand held device).
•A flip-book based on the drawings of animals featured on the official exhibition poster which younger viewers can use to create chimeras.
•A fan book which focuses on the works separately with questions to guide younger viewers to their own interpretation.

The second stage of the project will involve groups from the 2 featured schools and others visiting the exhibition to use the alternative guides.

We hope that all viewers will try out these guides and give us feedback.

This project has been funded by The Eridge Trust.

Venue: The Storey Gallery, Meeting House Lane, Lancaster, LA1 1TH
Dates: 13th November 2010 – 27th November 2010