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"Landed" in an exhibition

StoreyG2’s “LANDED” project is included in an exhibition at the Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University, which runs from 24 January - 23 March 2018.   This group exhibition, “CONDUCT”, includes displays on both the completed StoreyG2 project “Landed (Freeman’s Wood)”, and the current project “Landed (Cadastral Maps)”.  

In “Landed (Freeman’s Wood)”, StoreyG2 commissioned artists to create artworks exploring landownership, with a focus on a site on the edge of the city of Lancaster.   “Landed (Cadastral Maps)” is a pilot for a project to produce artists’ cadastral maps (maps of landownership) showing current and historical landownership of a rural area of north Lancashire. 

CONDUCT runs from 24 January - 23 March 2018.   It features artists : Larry Achiampong, Johanna Billing, Rebecca Birch, Richard Dedominici, Kathryn Elkin, Iain Forsyth & Jane Polland, Ellie Harrison, Peter Liversidge, and StoreyG2.   Further information at Peter Scott Gallery