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App Development


Artist, Layla Curtis, and her app developer, Ron Herrema, visited Freeman's Wood on 18 December and tested the app on site.  It's going well and features conversations with a variety of local people. 



Landed (Freeman's Wood) - new printed leaflet arrived today - 11 December.

The Tasting Garden


Lancaster City Council Cabinet discussed the future of The Tasting Garden again on Tuesday 2 December 2014.

The members voted to allow a 12 month period for funds to be raised for its restoration.  It is not clear who will do that, but the decision provides a welcome opportunity. 

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Layla Curtis visit


- one of the commissioned artists for Landed (Freeman's Wood), was working in Lancaster for several days in late November, recording interviews in the wood with people about their memories of the site. These recordings will form part of her artwork.

Sans Facon


Sans Facon artists, Tristan Surtees and Charles Blanc, visited Lancaster yesterday to see Freeman's Wood and discuss the Landed project.